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Beginner SNOW
Never put a board on my feet. Goals: Master the correct basic position on the board. Learn to slide by controlling the speed on both sides of the board. Manage my body in motion on the board on small descents that lead uphill. Execute the first curves. For the little ones from 3 to 6 years Burton Snowboard has studied the Riglet System to facilitate the approach to this sport while having fun in safety. Initial reference tracks: TSALY / BURTON RIGLET PARK (Baby runway)
Basic SNOW
Snowboarded at least a couple of times having gained control of speed whilst drifting. Goals: Manage the speed of the board. Make full turns on blue slopes. Learn the first easy freestyle tricks. Reference track: PRA NEYRON / ZEROTTA (Blue Slopes)
Intermediate SNOW
For those who have good control over their snowboard, carve with confidence and know how to manage speed on any type of slope. Goals: Carving on all slope levels. Gaining confidence in riding switch. Handle one’s first Snowpark infrastructures (jumps and box). Tackle one’s first Freeride runs. Slope of reference: PRA NEYRON/INTERNAZIONALE (blue/red slopes).
Advanced SNOW
For those who curve on all slopes and have faced the first structures in the Snowpark. Goals: Tackle jumps and tricks in the increasingly complex Snowpark Try to lead the board on all slopes Reference track: INTERNATIONAL / WHITE ROCKS (blue/red/black slopes)
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For true snowboard freeride enthusiasts looking for pure adrenaline.
Each additional person: € 60.00

Minimum 4 hours, every day on demand!
For true snowboard freeride enthusiasts looking for pure adrenaline.
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